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UEFA Champions League final appearances in 1993, 1994 and 1995. A year after losing 1-0 to Marseille in the 1993 Champions League final, Capello’s team reached its peak in one of Milan’s most memorable matches of all time, soccer kits the famous 4-0 win over Barcelona in the 1994 Champions League final. The game notably included licensed tracks by Queen: “We Will Rock You” as opening theme and “We are the Champions” as ending for champions final. The licensing was much the same, but infamously all Dutch players were called “Oranges” (e.g. goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar was renamed “Oranges025”, Johan Cruyff was “Oranges082”, etc.), because Konami did not hold the rights from the Royal Dutch Football Association, for use from Dutch players; in fact, plenty of other football games of the period with FIFPro licences also saw this happen to them (including FIFA 2002), soccer jersey store following Netherlands’ unsuccessful campaign at the 2002 World Cup qualifiers.

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