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Jakarta Golf Club

Jakarta, the political and economic capital of Indonesia, has some of the best world class golf courses and Jakarta Golf Club at Jalan Rawarnangun Muka Raya is the oldest golf course in Jakarta. Jakarta Golf Club, established in 1872 can only be availed by its members but it has reciprocal rights with other clubs around the world. Jakarta Golf Club was previously known as Batavia Golf Club.

Golf is a sport in which individual players or teams hit a ball into a hole using various clubs. The area of land in which golf is played is known as the golf course. A hole means both the hole in the ground into which the ball is played (also known as the cup), as well as the total distance from the tee (a pre-determined area from where a ball is first hit) to the green (the low cut area surrounding the actual hole in the ground). Usually golf courses have eighteen holes.
In Indonesia, golf is played for centuries but tremendous professionalism and apt skill that is employed to create classy golf courses is itself no less than creation of artworks. However the emerging trend of creating extensive proliferation in the golf courses has engulfed Indonesia for the past ten years and these are often accompanied by exquisitely beautiful landscapes which enhance the natural features. Indonesia or more specifically Jakarta is fast making its mark as a world class golf destination.

   -  Batavia Golf Club transformed into Jakarta Golf Club after its constitution was drafted in 1932.
   -  The Jakarta Golf Club is usually popular among the local residents of Jakarta as Rawamangun primarily because it is built on swamps.
   -  The 18 hole golf course in Jakarta Golf Club enjoys the credit of hosting several significant golf tournaments like Indonesian opens and other important major tournaments.
   -  The golf course in Jakarta Golf Club was shortened to 5,890 meters when a segment of the land was contributed to the University of Indonesia.
   -  The best time to hit the golf course in Jakarta Golf Club is during the early morning as the club opens in 5.30 am. In the early morning the golfers are greeted by the twittering birds and the fresh soothing ambience offers tranquility and peace to one’s inner self.
   -  Jakarta Golf Club has reciprocal facilities with other clubs in many countries and the course opens at noon on Mondays.
   -  The well manicured golf course though short is not easy and it throws fresh challenges to the golfers and careful strategies are often required to implement on the watery holes and the par for men is 70 while for women it is 71.
   -  Situated at a distance of 30 minutes from the city center the Jakarta Golf Club is located at, Jalan Rawamangun Muka Raya, Jakarta 13320.

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