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Gunung Geulis Resort, a villa and leisure of about 400 ha, well-known for its challenging and beautiful 36 hole golf course, is located in West Java a few kilometers from the end toll gate Jagorawi - Ciawi highway. The resort situated approximately 500 meters above sea level, offers a magnificent view of its environment, the slopes of the mountainous area, the hills and the low-land from Bogor to Jakarta.

The strategic location and beautiful environment is also supported by a pleasant climate of mountain fresh air and cool temprature especially in the morning and the evening. Gunung Geulis Resort is beeing developed according its Master Plan which comprises : Villa area, sport and social facilities, children playgrounds, Resort Hotels with Ballroom, Meeting and Conference center, Recreation and Attraction Park, Senior's village, and the Gunung Geulis Golf and Country Club.

Gunung Geulis facilities which are already fully in operation are :
-The Gunung Geulis Golf and Country Club
-The small Resort Hotel or Gunung Geulis Cottages which consist of 35 units and in total 77 bedrooms and its recreation and supporting facilities among others Saung Geulis Restaurant and Meeting facilities.
-Gunung Geulis Residential Estate.
-Gunung Geulis Adventure Camp.
-Aibee Hospital. The first plastic surgery hospital in Indonesia

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