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Green and Caddy Fees, golf cart per Golfer( 18 holes)
- Weekday: USD
- Weekend: USD
Being identified as the first tourism product in the province, being attractive and new, the golf course invested by Vinh Thuan Joint Venture (also known as Mong Cai International Golf Course) is located at the West coast in Gulf of Tonkin  and the northern border area of Vietnam, in the heart of Tra Co beach which is a famous holiday and sightseeing resort in the country.
The Golf Course was built according to international standards, along the 3km long beach, with changing direction of wind, high level of difficulty and challenge. The course has 18 holes in line with international standards and of the Links style. 72 strokes have a total length of 7204 Yards; the extensive grass course has an area of 2,000,000 m2. The preeminence of Mong Cai International Golf Course that other golf courses cannot own is the advantage of geographical location and topography. When coming to the Golf Course, they will be connected to tours in total harmony with the relationship of Quang Ninh and Mong Cai tourisms. Although newly opened (02/01/2008), but Mong Cai International Golf Course has attracted hundreds of golfers in the country and abroad to participate. With a long and beautiful beach, Tra Co (Mong Cai) is an ideal place to attract numerous tourists. The 18 hole golf course of the international standards is located on sands meticulously planted with grass along the coast, next to famous Tra Co beach. This is the first coastal golf course in our country with two separate courses: one for practice and the other for tournaments. This area still has villas to cater for golfers, many tour guide cars, golf tours by waterway, so will be the place of tourist attraction.

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