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The golf course architect have to do is to find and pick up the potential rather than change local landscape at designer's personal whim and will. That is to say, based on golf course architect's experience and enthusiasm, the best golf courses are produced by utilizing the natural potential of the landscape. Twin Doves Golf Club is planned as a golfing paradise where nature is alive and inspired because of the innate factors such as hills, creeks and trees, which are in harmony with the newly created lakes.

Luna course: There is great charm in the rural scenery with the views of small hills and neighboring forests. This course has combined all the natural shapes of the land which are esthetically combined and utilized as trouble factors for a challenging game. Five of the holes are connected by rolling hills and the division between the trees and the fairways intensifies the beauty of the scenery.

Mare course: This course’s characteristics are natural landscape of the creeks and trees on both sides of the fairway that require you to play with accuracy sense of direction. This is an exciting and thoughtful course where most of the greens are segregated into the target zones around the lakes, making you plan your play with accuracy. The lakes surrounding the Mare Course require players to play precise tee shot and second shot; the green within the lakes will keep you up challenges

Sole course: Capitalizing on the natural characteristics of the land, the lakes are made the best use of to create a challenging game with an island green and beach bunker are in prefect contrast with the blue lake, which heightens its beauty and also the difficulty. Also moving away from the standardized 2 par 3’s, 5 par 4’s and 2 par 5s, the architect has utilized the natural landscape to provide 1 par 3 and 1 par 5 with varying par 4’s arrangement. It is an attractive course with a series of natural water hazards that challenges you to play enthusiastically while enjoying variety of landscapes.
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