You are not fan of golf games and your body, mind and spirit needed refreshment after hard working day or very long hours on the plane or much sightseeing, our unique spas will provide exactly what a tired traveler needed. All of the touches-the smells, colors, flowers, herbs, leaves, wood, rock, fabric… combine to create a great place for your body and soul.


::ZEN Spa Hanoi


Experience the history culture of Vietnamese traditional “SPA” that had already existed more that 1000 years ago.
Old ancient Vietnam (was also know as AU LAC) had already practices herbals healing, enjoying herbals bath during Kings’ dynasty period, minority practices to rejuvenate body energy…etc.
Following the philosophy of the ancient wisdom culture of Vietnam, ZEN Spa therefore, interwove traditional Vietnamese culture with the present SPA concept, serving and sharing this ancient wisdom culture of Vietnamese in relaxing, healing, mental and spiritually enriched to bring happiness to all walks of life.


::Qi spa Hanoi and Saigon

Step into a Qi Salon & Spa, you can relax your mind with a peaceful atmosphere of ZEN and a blue space of natural plants. Keep on stepping, you will be impressed more by its luxury and modern equipments. The ZEN design from Japan manifested in Qi Salon & Spa system makes the equipments in harmony with the simply and relaxing atmosphere of ZEN.
Using unique Qi products and only available luxury Spa, and the treatment by fragrance of natural herbs and flowers, Qi Salon & Spa brings you and your body the vitality and energy to attain maximum physical power and a feeling of complete relaxation.




::Santal Spa Hanoi

Located just by the serene water of historic West Lake, the design of Santal spa echoes subtly Traditional Vietnamese evoking a spiritual feeling of peace and tranquillity. Our ten treatment rooms and an opened-air massage area vary in their style and mood but all offer you a perfect sense of relaxation. Two VIP rooms overlook Tu Lien pagoda feature elegant and luxurious spa facilities blending with contemporary Vietnamese décor will comfortably bring you in to the embrace of paradise.

Our essential oils are attracted from “Kinh Gioi Nui” and “Chua Du” plants, which are found only in SaPa province. Other beauty products include OPI for nail care and Sothys Paris, the signature of excellence in professional skin care. For each spa treatment, our skilful therapists will not only assist you in your choice and tailor them to your needs, but they will also offer advice on how to extend the benefits long after you leave us.

Welcome to Santal Spa. A true sanctuary for the senses, a visit to our Spa will relax your body, soothe your soul and lift your spirits. Set to dazzle its guests with spa facilities beautifully designed to exude Asian rejuvenation balancing with tranquility, pleasure feeling will soak the guests in the mesmerizing view of the city the moment guests arrive.

Step inside and feel the difference...

::AnamQT Spa Hanoi and Saigon


Enter a world where even time seems to hush.
Relax and rejuvenate in a sensory paradise of exotic Oriental cultures,
and a sprit and charm of Vietnamese traditions,
where detail afterthoughtful detail creates an experience of total bliss.
Breathe deeply and feel the calmness envelop you,
silencing the burdens of the outside world.
Renew your vitality and spirit for life.
An unforgettable experience awaits you.
Allow us to show you the way.

From the moment that Anam-QT Spa opened our first door in 1996,
we take a holistic approach to physical and spiritual well-being,
providing a sanctuary for the senses.
The Oriental architecture blended in the most luxurious facility of our intimate pavilions draws upon local inspiration to blend endlessly
with he beauty of the natural environment.
Our spa body treatments, beauty and hair care are the best combined of techniques
and personal care of our well trained therapists.
Feel the sensory pleasures that reawaken our inner energy
and empower us to enjoy our life ever better than ever

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