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Uwe Lohmann and family (USA)



Hanh,back in Hong Kong again.

Entry with visas issued on arrival was easy and quick. We very much enjoyed our 13 day, well thought out and very interesting tour itinerary. All arrangements, from greetings at airports, to knowledgeable and flexible guides, good transport with safe drivers and hotels selected were excellent.

Thanks to well informed, pleasant and capable guides we learned much about your countries history,the friendly people,culture, and food.

Outstanding guides were Le Dong (Nha Trang/Dalat) and Doan An in HCMC, both with excellent English language skills.

Suggest you book superior/deluxe rooms at the Amara in HCMC in future as standard rooms have windows facing a gray wall!

We are happy to have booked the tour with you. No doubt we will return in future and hope that you will assist us again.


Tony and Friends (USA)



Its no problems Hanh, I am always happy to make recommendations when I find good service. It means a lot to my friends and my credibility too.

I am/used to be in the travel industry, previously managing a very large travel agency, and now I am in the aviation industry, so I know when these things are done properly and the service is right..... which I have always got from you.

Once again, thanks for all your help.

Careme anny and Spouse (Travel agent in Belgium)  
  Very good, The best guide was in Saigon, she is very kind with everybody. She has to learn a little more French but it was good. I think she is very clever and she can become a very famous guide very fast. I think it could be good to make more stops in the city to see monuments and everything to make pictures and know the name of monuments  

Janice and Friends (New Zealand)



Just a short note to thank you for organising such a wonderful tour of Vietnam.

The tours, guides,drivers, hotels and food were all really excellent and made for a wonderful experience I am sure I will always remember.

Your company was a pleasure to deal with and you are commended for your attention to every detail.

Once again, thank you.


Barbara and Steve



Hello Hanh, we have arrived back in New Zealand and would like to thank you for a wonderful tour of your country.
The hotels, drivers and guides were wonderful, the stand out Hotel was the Camellia Hotel in Hue and the guide there, Luan.
We will certainly recommend Salute Vietnam Travel to all we know who, will in the future, be travelling to your Country. Many thanks again,..


Son Pham and Family (Oversea Vietnamese)



I have received the letter, thank you for the prompt service and it was very well managed. I highly recommend this to anyone.

(PS - Other methods of payment would also be of benefit to your company as some people still feel uncomfortable with internet payment)


Gaye Hosd (Wintec Group- New Zealand)



Thoroughly enjoyed all places however would have preferred more time to shop in hoian. Lunch place: very enjoyable; excellent and knowledgeable English guide, excellent careful driver of bus; very professional services


Skye and Family (New Zealand) 



I just wanted to email you to say we had a lovely time in Viet nam we were so sad to come home! Thank you for all your work in our booking, the  hotels were great. We especially liked the Yasaka hotel - it was beautiful.
I hope you are well, and if we come back (which we hope to do ) we will book with you. I will recommend you to everyone, thank you again


S Vasanthakumar  and Friends (Japan)



Dear Hanh
I am writing to let you know that we are back in Japan after a great holiday in Vietnam and to thank you for all the reservation you have made for us.  Everything went well without any problems at all.  Only thing I can complain is about the boat company charging us for the wine and the beer they supplied after indicating that we don`t need to pay for it.  At that time we thought it was too good to be true.  We never saw the price list and when we asked if we had to pay for it they said no.  This could have been due to language problem.  But the guide also confirmed that.   We and the other guests in the boat were unhappy when we were presented with a bill at the end of the trip.
Apart from that misunderstanding the Ha Long Bay trip was very enjoyable and I wish to thank you again for the excellent service you have provided us.
I am sure I will contact you when I make our next trip to Vietnam and also I will recommend you to my other friends who plan to travel there.


Ronal and Pham Diem (USA)



Our guide was very friendly and punctual, would be goof if he was a bit more explainatory


Richard Phillips (USA)




Thank you for your quick response in getting me a visa.  I appreciate it very much.  I will recommend your service to any of my friends wishing to travel to Vietnam in the future.  You have been very helpful to me by replying to my many emails when I had questions to ask.  For that I am very grateful.
Thank you again.


Fraud C and Party  (Travel agent in Belgium)



Good! The guide is full of good will, conciencous, always try to help us!


Dino Pegoraro and Family (Italia)





P.Maggie (New Zealand Travel Agent)



All our guides were efficient and helpful and always got us to our destinations on time, we were impressed with the bus driver skills and co-operation


Lim and Friend (Travel Agent in Malaysia)



Khoa so very helpful and we enjoyed the tour, enjoyed humor stories and excellent services

Salaber’s Family (USA travel agent)



We saw many things but especially have oppurtuninities  of the life and hard word of Vietnamese people. Guide was outstanding and went out of his way to assist us, very friendly and knowledgeable. We would recommend him and your company. Thank you . Driver also very good


Greg and Pat (Australia)


Hello Hanh,
We would like to thank you for everything that you organized for us when we went to Vietnam.
The guides, drivers, hotels etc were very good.
We have recommended your company to people who we thought may go to Vietnam at some stage.
Our only complaint was the constant harassment by the locals in Sapa.
We felt like staying at the hotel because of the constant asking "you buy, you buy from me" etc.
Other tourists were saying the same thing. We realize that it's their way of making money but being abused because we didn't always buy wasn't too good.
We could not look around in peace.
We realize you won't  be able to do anything about it but if there is some way that they could be advised to be not so persistant, tourists would be happier.
The boat trip was great too, the food was excellent.
We really enjoyed our stay in Vietnam.

The guide we had in Sapa was very kind and we enjoyed spending the Tet festival with him.
Thanks again for everything and would you please thank everyone who looked after us again.


Michel Dextra and Friend (Canada)



I would to thank you for organizing our tour in Vietnam.
Manni and I had a fantastic time. I was most impressed about our different stops from Hanoi to Saigon our tour guide was always there waiting for us either at the airport or at our hotel.
Our first stop in Hanoi was a real culture shock. Our tour guide was very nice and very polite. His knowledge of Hanoi and it's history was very impressive. We enjoyed very much our shopping with him on our first night.
Ha Long Bay was simply fantastic. The scenery and the beauty of the mountains coming out of the water was beautiful. I could have stayed one more night on those junk. I plan to go back before I leave this world.
Saigon was great and our tour guide again was fantastic. He showed us a bit of the non-tourist side of Saigon and we appreciated very much. I like Saigon because of it's french influence and the great food in the restaurants.
I want to thank you again. I plan to see Vietnam again in the future and will not hesitate in contacting you. My friends here were very impressed about Vietnam and they would like to visit VN also. I can only recommend your service cause your service is exceptional.
Take care Hanh


Micheline (France)



I really appreciate all your efforts to support me in my travel organisation> I am back from a trip in Mekong delta I organised myself. certainly not as good that what you will have done, but I am satisfied, and it was a great experience (even really surprising some times!), with last minute boat cancellation obliging me to find alternative solution - but your compatriots are so nice people that it was  really a pleasure to discover your country. I have discovered like that a true part of the local life, as i had to relay on the local inhabitants, who know quite no word of english/french, and myself jut learning the few essential word, sometimes being sure that i have not pronounced them with the right intonation, just by seeing how people react or frankly laughing!
All that let me think that i will re-contact you in a few months for visiting the northen part of your country, and then taking the opportunity to pay a visit to your travel agency and thank you in person.

Thanks for all and kindest regards


Louise and Spouse (Australia)



We are settled back to normal life now - back to work and busy as always.  I hope you and your family are doing well.
We had a wonderful holiday in your country and have many treasured memories (and lots of photos) of our time in Vietnam. 
Thank you so much for such a great time - everything was just perfect and went according to plan always.  Your organisation and planning was exact and just what we needed.   We liked all our tour guides - they were friendly and helpful and well informed.  We found Ha (on Halong Bay) to be a very caring person and ever mindful of our needs - he knows so much about his tour and delivers it in a very professional way.
In the south of Vietnam our guide was An.  Well, what can I say - he is just great!!.  We made good friends with An and had really lots of fun each time we were together.  Again, he really knows his tours and is so informative (and quite easy for us to understand).  But as well as that he is lots of fun - often telling us delightful stories and in the Mekong even joining the singing at the orchard on Unicorn Island to entertain us (see photo).  Just fantastic.
(P.S.: An's off-sider Mr. Tam, the driver - also was to be commended.  He is a very good driver and extremely reliable and keen to please, being always helpful.)
I have sent you a few photos - as you can see we really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you so much once again for all your help. 
Mark and I are sure we will be back to Vietnam.  So I have no doubt we will be in touch again.


Jonathan (Australia)



Merry Christmas Hanh and congratulations on your new addition to the family.
I have not been able to pick up any emails since I have been in Vietnam so I was just checking everything was okay for Saigon and our flight to Bangkok and boat trip.
Can you just confirm that someone is picking us up from Bangkok airport to take us to the boat.
We've had a magical time in Hoi An and Nha Trang.


Jennifer (Australia)



Good Morning Hanh
And a Happy New Year.
I hope you are well and your little girl is settling in ok.

I just wanted to email you for two reasons. Firstly to thank you for the arrangements you made for us.
The hotels were all lovely and we had a fantastic holiday.

I hope all is well with you.


Jaime Martinez and Friends (Canada)



overall the tour guides were well informed. Even when there were language issues, they all provided good services and good recommendations for restaurants, thank you very much Hanh


Jaclyn and Family (Singapore)



Hi Hanh,
How are you? I'm now back in Melbourne.
Just want to thank you and your team for the tour arrangement. We all had the best time in Vietnam and Cambodia.
Take care.
Sabine Lee


Greame & Phyllis Brookland (New Zealand)



Hi Hanh,

We have arrived safely back home after a wonderful trip to your country. 

Many, many thanks for the excellent job you did arranging our itinerary.    All the arrangements went well and we had excellent hotels, guides and drivers.   We certainly enjoyed our time in your country and found the culture and history very interesting.   Your food is superb and the meals included in our itinerary were very good, especially in Hue - the restaurant we went to at night was wonderful and also had New Zealand wines on the menu so that was great.

We are all sorry we did not get to meet you in Hanoi but understand you are very busy and also that you have recently become a mother - congratulations and we hope your baby is doing well.

We will certainly recommend Salute Vietnam Travel to anyone we know who is intending to travel to Vietnam and thank you once again for everything you have done for us.   If you ever visit New Zealand please let us know as we would be only too happy to assist you.

Thank you also for your gift, it is very much appreciated.


George and Kay Brookes(USA)



I want to thank you and your company for our recent trip to Vietnam and Cambodia which you organized for us.We were very impressed with our guides and drivers as well as the hotels.
We were treated very well and everything went according to plan.
I will certainly recommend your company to anyone we know who is planning a trip to Vietnam.
We now have a much better understanding of your area of the world and the wonderful people who live in it. We had a fantastic trip which was the result of your organization.
Thank's again.


Steve Lewis and Friends (UK)


We went on two excursions to the Mekong and cuchi tunnel/tayninh. An was an excellent guide who worked really hard to inform and entertain us, and we have learned so much about life in Vietnam as well as the places we have visited
It was super, more than we expected


Damian and Friend (USA)



V.good! Alex is very good tour guide and the bus driver was very reliable!!! Thanks for all!


Shtiliana and Party (Travel agent in Bulgaria)


Vietnam Cambodia Panorama
Very good! The only problem is the train, the first class but not clean and AC slowing


Nguyen Van Ha and Party (Oversea Vietnamese)


We are very impressed with our tour guide in particular and all other services .
Our tour guide was able to switch his language from Vietnamese (for older Vietnamese tourists) to english (for younger children) very fluently. We actually thanked him for the highest level of service provided to us during our stay in Vietnam


Tanolava Narijan (Travel Agent in Slovenia)


Everything is perfect and the tour guide in ho chi minh city was simply the best. Everywhere the food was excellent.


Woo King Tin Joung (AIG Hongkong)


We are really like the cooking class and have a great funs, good service , always looks after client carefully, very responsible and devoted guides. Thank you very much


Dana (Czech Travel Agent)



Thanks a lot for your good services, tour guides very helpful ,we will recommend to our clients…..


Janice and David Darling (New Zealand)



We are safely back in New Zealand after 3 wonderful weeks in your country. Everything you did for us was perfect, we had an amazing look through the country and had wonderful drivers and guides.
We will certainly recommed your company to all our friends. We were sorry not to meet you in Hanoi but naybe next time we visit we can meet up.
Once again thank you for organising a great holiday for us.


Andre and wife (Canada)



I wanted to thank you for all you have done for us.  We had a great tour.  The guides were excellent and we hired your company for an extra day while in HMC.  The only unhappy moment we encountered was when we were placed in the Hanoi Plaza hotel on our 3rd night due to unforeseen circumstances
All in all, it was an excellent tour and we will highly recommend your company to our friends and colleagues.
Take care Hanh,


Sean Fannon and Wife (USA)



Dong, the driver was very professional, Vinh did a great job as our guide, very nice guy and very helpful and knowledgeable.


PANY and Friends (Hongkong)



It’s Pany again. I back to Hong Kong already. This time, I want say THANK you to you, Mr An (our tour guide) and driver. My friends and I are very appreciated all the srevice that you provided. The car is comfortable, the staff (Mr. An and driver) are nice, the arrangement is smooth and good. Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH~


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