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Golf Membership Card
Golf Membership Card - Kings Island Golf
Membership Categories & Payment

1.   Membership Categories
A.        Individual - Full Membership
           Foreigner and Vietnamese      Transferable              US$ 60,000
B.        Corporate – Full Membership
           Corporate 1st nominee            Transferable             US$ 60,000
           Additional 2nd nominee                                            US$ 57,000
           Additional 3rd nominee                                             US$ 54,000
C.        Floating member                                                       US$ 100,000

2.   Transferability

  • Membership may be transferred after one year from date of issue and with payment of 15% current membership price at date of transfer.
  • Member’s Golfing Rights
  • Competitions and Tournaments
  • Members are encouraged and welcome to play in the monthly competitions and tournaments. The only requirement is an official handicap.
  • Guest Allowance
  • Members may invite up to 3 guests on weekends and public holidays and up to 7 guests on weekdays.  Member’s guests enjoy special guest green fee rates. For groups of 12 or more, Members should follow the policy for “Larger Groups”.

3. Rights and Responsibilities of Members

  • Member Spouse & Children (10 to 18 years) are accepted as Family Member.
  • No Green Fee for Members.
  • Rights of both Individual and Corporate Members shall be transferable by paying fee as per Club regulations.
  • Corporate Nominee can be re-nominated at any time. The authorized person of Corporate Membership should send a written request to the Board of Management of the Club and pay fees as regulated by the Club. Corporate Members can apply for admission of additional nominees at a reduced rate.
  • All Members are subject to pay Annual Dues fully by required time as per Company rules.


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